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GeoMetrix has customers in most sectors and industries, including manufacturing, high tech, health care, law enforcement, emergency services and government. Read about one of them in our featured case history.

GeoMetrix helps ABB support its global learning initiative across dozens of countries in multiple languages.

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Featured Industries

We work in most industries and sectors and find that our products are well-suited to any organization that must meet training compliance and certification. Read about our work with specific industries here.

Law Enforcement, Fire and Community Services

GeoTalent provides comprehensive learning and performance management to a range of industries but the software is particularly suited to law enforcement, fire and community services. We offer full regulatory compliance functionality at a low cost for budget-conscious public agencies.

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Continuing Education

GeoMetrix works with continuing education departments to help them manage the on-going programmes they offer in person and online. Along with different look and feel for the portals, different data displays and options are available to users depending on the group's needs, creating an easy-to-use and intuitive online experience.

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Some organizations, especially those with users who aren't technologically savvy, want to introduce a new enterprise system gradually. The GeoTalent interface lets you disable or hide whole areas of the software or specific features until employees or volunteers are trained or until the functionality becomes necessary.

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Featured White Papers & eBooklets

The following are in-depth research-based documents designed to provide information on topics relevant to implementation and administration of learning management systems.

Navigating the Compliance Landscape

How can a learning or talent management system help you navigate the compliance landscape, even as it changes? This ebooklet is a guide for using your LMS or TMS to help meet industry or government regulatory compliance and provides information on various regulatory bodies throughout the world including the US FDA.

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Gearing Up for Change: LMS Replacement Guide

Why would an organization consider moving from one learning or talent management system to another? This ebooklet offers potential reasons and provides a list of questions to ask before replacing your existing LMS or TMS. The document walks the reader through building a business case for replacement, defining the problem/identifying solutions and more.

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Determining ROI for Learning Management

There are so many reasons for implementing a new learning or talent management system including cost saving, productivity improvement, and meeting compliance. But after you've implemented your LMS or TMS, how can you be sure you've accomplished your goal (or goals)? One way, is to use return-on-investment (ROI) metrics.

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