Annual Support & Maintenance Plan

The Annual Support & Maintenance Plan, available at a percent of your current licensing costs, includes technical toll-free telephone or email support, critical software updates and all product upgrades and enhancements. Read what's included and how the plan works below.

The Plan

Our Annual Support & Maintenance Plan offers one year of technical support, maintenance, upgrades and releases. Based on the current licensing price of your GeoTalent software, the Annual Support & Maintenance Plan provides price protection for your GeoTalent implementation.


The benefits of this plan include making it easier to budget for new functions and eliminating the need to seek additional funding to upgrade throughout the year. This convenience greatly simplifies software maintenance administration and helps improve expense management. Billed at an annual rate, the Annual Support & Maintenance Plan lets you both maintain a single point of administration and predictably manage the cost of software. The GeoTalent Annual Support & Maintenance Plan gives you the resources you need to make the most of your training or talent management dollar.

Our Annual Support & Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Technical support for a specific number of incidents per year (an incident may require several calls to resolve)
  • Toll-free telephone or email support
  • Critical software updates (including maintenance releases and patches)
  • Product upgrades and enhancements including new releases

Upgrades and Major Releases

As an Annual Support & Maintenance Plan holder, you are entitled to receive all product upgrades and major releases free of charge. We automatically notify you when a release is available and provide the information you need to access to the files for installation.

Help-desk Support

Friendly, helpful personnel are available through our helpdesk to assist customers, and requests can be made by e-mail or by telephone.

With expertise in all areas of hardware and software support related to GeoTalent, our technical personnel assist with ongoing operational issues and are available by telephone or email during regular helpdesk hours.

Specially trained to help you get the most from your system, our helpdesk technicians provide fast and efficient answers to your questions.

Don’t Have a Plan?

If you don’t currently have an active Annual Support & Maintenance Plan for your GeoTalent software, please contact our Sales department by emailing sales @ or telephoning 1-800-616-5409.