Welcome to the GeoTalent and TrainingPartner Support Center

If you used our Online Support in the past, our system has changed. Check out our FAQs section below for answers to common service and support questions. Click the question to view the answer. If you don’t find what you need there, use the menu or side navigation links to access more information. If you are looking for your downloads or need to speak with our support desk, use the contact information above.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services & Support

We do not provide end-user support. If you need help using the system, please contact your supervisor, training administrator or internal IT department.

If  your organization has an Annual Plan, technical support is available through our helpdesk for a specific number of incidents per year. You would have been given a direct toll-free phone number to call with your plan. If you don’t have this information or are unsure of your plan status, see the next question.

If you are unsure if you have a support plan, send your product license information by email to our helpdesk at support @ geotalent.com. Our staff will check our database and let you know the status of your account. In the meantime, browse our support pages to find out more about our services and support.

Have your product license information available and contact our helpdesk as follows.

By Email: Our support staff can be reached by emailing support @ geotalent.com. If you are responding to an existing incident, please include your incident number in the subject line.

By Telephone: If you have a support plan, please use the toll-free 1-800 number that you were given with your plan. If you’ve lost the number, please call 250-361-9300 or email support @ geotalent.com.

Our helpdesk is open Monday to Friday from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time (9:00 am to 8:00 pm EST).

We offer instructor-led training for all our products. Courses are designed for both system administrators and administrative users and cover all aspects of the software from system set-up to building web pages using the Online Designer to creating reports and carrying out day-to-day tasks. Workbooks are included with all courses. For more information contact our Client Services department by emailing clientservices @ geotalent.com.

Of course we can! Although we’ve designed our software to be completely customizable by our clients if they want, we understand that sometimes they’d rather let us do it for them. We can create custom fields, unique reports, workflow macros, branded online pages and more. For more information about contracting our services for custom work, please contact our Client Services department by emailing clientservices @ geotalent.com.

As an Annual Support & Maintenance Plan holder, you are entitled to receive all product upgrades and major releases without additional charge. We automatically notify you when a release is available and provide the information you need to access to the files for installation. For more information on updating GeoTalent or TrainingPartner, see refer to the Technical Document Index.

GeoTalent core upgrades are very basic, as the process generally involves a simple update to the GeoTalent.exe file. The online update process is dependent on which online module you are using, but may involve pages, portal settings and language tags. To request more information, please refer to our Technical Document Index.

Yes, GeoTalent provides a mechanism for all customizations to be maintained during build and version upgrades. You can request information on performing updates by referring to our Technical Document Index. If you have concerns, please contact the support helpdesk or our client services department.

It is the responsibility of the customer to test the system fully after installing a new build or version. If it is determined during testing that there is an issue with the GeoTalent program and/or default online elements, our support team can become involved by contacting our helpdesk.

If a support incident cannot be resolved at the helpdesk (first tier), the issue is documented and forwarded to senior technical personnel for second tier support. If necessary, R&D programmers or other specialists are brought in to troubleshoot. For more information about how we handle support incidents, please visit our Services & Support Processes page.

Our support services are subject to the terms and conditions set out in our licensing agreement. Services, such as customization and report building, are subject to the terms and conditions set out in our statements of work. Each time you request a service, a statement of work is prepared that outlines these terms based on agreements between your organization and GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc. For more information contact our client services department by emailing clientservices @ geotalent.com