Technical Document Index

Following is a list of technical documents available for GeoTalent. These documents supplement our help system that is built-in to your software. Click on the title in the index to read a description of the document. If you see a document you’d like to read, a PDF will be sent on request by contacting support.

Software Manuals

This manual is designed for administrative end-users and provides detailed information on all common areas of the application accessed by training administrators. This Administrator’s Guide is designed as a reference on specific areas of the application including screens, dialogs, and fields. Material contained in this manual includes information on working with the different inventories in GeoTalent, scheduling learning events, administering learner records and enrollments, managing relationships with the CRM functionality, using the built-in accounts receivable system, and accessing data in reports. This manual does not include information on installation, configuration, or setting up of GeoTalent. That information as well as details on advanced features such as defaults, customizing the environment, building reports, and creating macros is included in the System Administrator’s Guide.

This manual is designed for administrative end-users and covers the basic functioning of the web-based modules that can be used with GeoTalent software. Information in this guide includes the installation and set-up of web-based interfaces as well as access and portal settings, managing online course units, setting up discussion groups, launching and tracking learning content, and (if you have access to it) using the built-in Online Designer. This is not a manual for end-user learners, supervisors or instructors who might access the system using a web browser, but it does cover the administrative aspects required to set up and manage a system for those end-users to access via the web.

This manual is designed for system administrators and covers the installation, configuration, and setting up of GeoTalent as well as details on advanced features such as defaults, customizing the environment, building reports, creating macros.

This manual provides reference information for a system administrator of GeoTalent and contains reference tables for coding and settings in the application including file relationships, fields, extensions, and events.

This guide provides information on utilizing the GeoTalent Online OCX, which is a COM Application Programming Interface (API) for accessing key functionality within GeoTalent directly.

GeoTalent Hints and Tips

Our software has always given users the ability to create Shortcuts, but GeoTalent Enterprise introduced the concept of Screen Cards that access the data you need to complete tasks. Cards can be created from any main screen or window using right-click or drag-and-drop. GeoTalent makes heavy use of the ability to drag-and-drop items throughout the main screen. This document explains how to work with shortcuts and cards in GeoTalent.

The scheduling options are accessed through the Assignment Options button on the right-hand side of the class window scheduling tab-panel. This panel lets you specify various options used by the auto-scheduler, typically when assigning resources to the class automatically. This document describes the use of various scheduling options using a number of sample scenarios.

One of the unique abilities of GeoTalent is its ability to create an unlimited number of custom fields of various data types. Custom fields are commonly used to track additional information. This document provides an introduction to using custom fields in the GeoTalent Console module.

This document provides an overview of the basics of modifying a form using the form designer — including moving controls and changing simple properties such as caption, color, etc. For more advanced form modifications, please consult the GeoTalent Technical Support Document entitled Modifying Forms in GeoTalent — Advanced.

This document covers some advanced topics for modifying forms within GeoTalent. The information provided assumes you are familiar with the basics of modifying simple controls (see the GeoTalent Technical Support Document entitled Modifying Forms in GeoTalent — The Basics).

This document describes the basics of using pricing models in GeoTalent’s built-in accounts receivable module. More advanced uses for pricing models (including client discounts, vouchers, pre-payments, etc.) are handled in the GeoTalent Support Document entitled Pricing Models in GeoTalent — Advanced.

This document describes some of the more advanced uses of pricing models. This included setting up discounts, vouchers, pre-payments, etc. Basic use of pricing models is described separately in Pricing Models in GeoTalent — The Basics.

The ‘By Training’ search abilities within the Learners window, provides powerful ways of searching for learners based on various pre-determined rules. However, it is also possible to add new rules to the system using the macroing language. This document describes using macros to expand the ‘By Training’ filter rules of the Learner window.

GeoTalent FAQs

This document explains how to attach an external file to an item in GeoTalent.

This document provides the terms and conditions for GeoTalent technical support offered by GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc.

There are several requirements for successfully importing existing data into GeoTalent. Typically, data migration for GeoTalent involves four main areas: courses, organizations, learners (students or employees) and historical learning events. However, additional data can also be imported, if required. This document provides information on importing data into these areas of the application.

Many agencies throughout the world are responsible for issuing and enforcing regulations that affect businesses. To help customers fulfill requirements, GeoMetrix has included a range of features in GeoTalent to satisfy standards for security, authentication, validation and auditing outlined in many regulations. This document describes the features and functionality included in GeoTrain that help organizations comply with regulatory standards from various agencies around the world.

This document provides recommendations for clients formulating back-up and recovery plans involving GeoTalent software and database.

One of the key benefits of GeoTalent is the ability to easily modify how the application operates. This includes using macros, the form designer, reports, e-mail, the online designer, imports of data and more. However, the fact that it is easy to customize the application often leads to clients not realizing the necessity to test changes prior to releasing them to actual users. A development environment is a system in which you can make changes, develop customizations and test changes to business rules and practices without fear that “mistakes” made during development will impact actual users or critical data. This document answers questions such as do you need a test environment and provides steps for creating a development version of GeoTalent.

This document explains the factors that determine if a learner has passed a course.

This document provides the terms and conditions for GeoTalent consulting services offered by GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc. GeoTalent software, support and services are all subject to the formal agreement signed between GeoMetrix and the client. These are general terms that are normally applied to each relationship. If different terms have been agreed upon, these do not apply.

This document outlines the basic system requirements and technical specifications for installation of all required GeoTalent components as a recommended starting point. In addition to the standard components, this document also provides for some optional components of the software that can be implemented to extend functionality.

This document outlines the recommended procedure for upgrading TrainingPartner to GeoTalent.

This document provides an overview of the preparation required to successfully migrate your existing TrainingPartner version to the new GeoTalent product.

The GeoTalent Application Programming Interface (API) provides a comprehensive toolkit to customize your GeoTalent environment. From changing the look and feel, to writing custom pages and custom workflows, the GeoTalent API offers speed and flexibility. This document provides an overview of the programming tools available for GeoTalent.