Implementing the GeoTalent Learning Management System

Many resources are available to help clients carry out an implementation of our software. Our specialists combine an excellent understanding of training environments with expertise in Learning and Talent Management Systems to understand and interpret the customer's requirements and to accommodate these requirements in the implementation. Below is an overview of our implementation methodology.

Implementation Methodology & Phases

A rapid implementation model that maximizes R.O.I.

GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc. has been developing learning management technology since 1992 and has nearly 20 years experience providing solutions that work. We understand learning organizations. We understand learning management systems. We understand that every organization has unique requirements. We have developed software and services that adapt to meet those needs.

Implementations of our software are smooth with expert support at every stage. Our trained specialists take the time to understand your needs and are committed to delivering the best value for your money. Integration of content and enterprise systems is fast and easy without huge consulting fees. Built for trouble-free installation and operation, our system lowers overall costs while minimizing risks and maximizing results.

Our implementation methodology is designed to be a balance of this structure and flexibility. This approach provides the customer with both an adaptable schedule and predictable results for a strong return on investment. Our straightforward approach provides value at each stage.

We are strongly aware that our customers require predictable implementation costs. Our mature implementation model lets you benefit from our experience providing hundreds of successful implementations resulting in a system that is efficient and cost effective.

Our software is designed for scalability, ease-of-use, effortless customization and rapid deployment. With hundreds of successful implementations worldwide, we provide an outstanding combination of performance and flexibility.

Any enterprise-level software project is a complex assembly of tasks, decisions, migrations and documentation, and implementing an LMS is no exception. With our software, we ensure that our customers do not face their implementations alone or unprepared. Our highly-trained and dedicated team of implementers stands with the client from purchase to go-live and beyond.

Our philosophy encompasses all the support a client needs to make our system a fully integrated solution tailored to specific requirements.

The first phase, Requirements, begins before the decision to buy the product has been made and carries through the purchase. The purchasing organization initiates the project, builds an internal team, determines needs and sets project objectives. GeoMetrix sales staff works closely with the customer project team during this phase to determine if our system is right solution for the customer’s needs and how best those needs can be served when it comes to licensing and services.

In the Application phase, sales staff members work closely with the implementation staff to ensure that the preliminary scope of the project is defined. A project plan is created and responsibilities are assigned to both the customer project team and our implementation team.

Phase 3 is the Preparation Phase. During this phase, activities are scheduled and begin to be carried out. The stakeholders of the project are trained in the use of out-of-the-box functionality. If a Pilot Project is to be undertaken, it can begin during this phase.

In the fourth phase, the Implementer works closely with the client to achieve the requirements outlined in the Needs Analysis. This phase often overlaps with phase 3 or the project alternates between the two phases. Data migration is refined, customization solutions are defined, and business decisions are made. Throughout this phase the implementer acts as the point of contact with the client, and is available to consult on any question or concern the client might have with the project.

As project deliverables are defined, the implementer creates one or more Statements of Work, which fully define the requirements, design, cost, and timetable of a deliverable. These deliverables may be as simple as a report, or as complex as a real-time multi-system integration of training, HR, and financial data. If using the Online interface, portals are designed with specified look-and-feel and pages and workflows are developed.

Using the Statements of Work as design documents, our development resources create solutions to the client’s specific needs. This work is fully tested and supported. The implementer will work with the client to make sure that the deliverable is received, installed, and tested on the client’s own servers. At this point, all work should be carried out in a test environment using development servers. This phase will continue until the client reaches the “Go Live” point in the project.

The final phase is Deployment and involves going live in a production environment. After the system has been working in a production environment for a while, the project is evaluated and the results are measured. The system is refined as necessary and often evolves over time.