Our Services & Support

Helping you implement and maintain your GeoTalent software

Our Service Model

GeoMetrix Data Systems is founded on the philosophy that the relationship with our clients is a mutual partnership in which both parties commit the resources necessary to move ahead with a successful implementation and long-term business relationship. GeoMetrix provides comprehensive services for all its products in accordance with currently accepted computer consulting standards and practices.


Our personnel take the time to fully understand and interpret the customer’s requirements and accommodate these throughout the implementation. Software development resources assist with needs analysis, custom reports or workflow macros. Systems integration and data migration services help import historical data by establishing migration protocols and standardizing data across departments and organizations, including conversion of existing systems and processes.



We offer instructor-led training for our products at our facility or yours and can also do virtual training when necessary. Courses are designed for both system administrators and administrative users and cover all aspects of the software from system set-up to building web pages using the online designer to creating reports and carrying out day-to-day tasks. Student workbooks are included with all courses.


Annual Plan

An Annual Support & Maintenance Plan helps you keep up to date while managing your software costs. The once-a-year fee covers all your support needs up to 100 separate incidents, and all software releases and new versions are readily available without further billing. For more information contact your sales representative by emailing sales @ geotalent.com or calling 1-800-616-5409.



Friendly, helpful personnel are available to assist customers via telephone or email. Most questions are answered quickly with one call or email, but our support technicians are known to go above and beyond to resolve customer issues. Specially trained to help you get the most from your system, our helpdesk technicians provide fast and efficient service.


Tier 2 Support

In most cases, helpdesk technicians resolve customer issues instantly, however, when necessary, we offer tier 2 support. When an issue cannot be resolved at the helpdesk, the ticket is elevated to senior technical staff. Group consultations are available and our staff members make all reasonable efforts to resolve customer issues according to industry standard software support policies.


Technical Documents

GeoMetrix maintains a library of Technical Support Documents to provide answers to common questions as well as information related to more advanced topics. Technical support documents are published as needed and are divided into the following categories: Release Notes; Frequently Asked Questions; Troubleshooting; and Hints & Tips.